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<p>Land of sass and brainOur annaland</p> <p>The annaland tree is the willow</p> <p>The Annaland flower is the RoseThe Annaland bird isThe Great eagleSymbols of Annaland</p> <p>Annaland Flag</p> <p>SassyburghAnnaland Nickname</p> <p>4</p> <p>First InhabitantsI/T techs first occupied Annaland. They were misplaced soon after the first migration. ExplorationAnnaland was settled by a Persian immigrantSettlementCurrent settler spend their time in search of better coffee and paper towels. annaland History</p> <p>Annaland Government</p> <p>You can find Annaland close byMaps</p> <p>HERE</p> <p>Over the past thirty three years the population has remained the same.Population</p> <p>Economy</p> <p>Weather</p> <p>Natural Resources</p> <p>Laptop MonitorPower stripStack of PaperworkPlaces to Visit</p> <p>Anna Habibzadeh Famous for being the founder of AnnalandFamous People</p> <p>I dont feel like working todayAnnland Motto</p>