Projecte Comenius de l’escola Les Acàcies de Barcelona

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Sra. Raquel Hernndez


<ul><li> ESCOLA LES ACCIES PROJECTE COMNIUS (ASS. MULTILATERAL PRIMRIA) RAQUEL HERNNDEZ TABERNER 19 DE SETEMBRE DE 2013 </li> <li> 2 Presentaci del projecte LANDMARKS AND MONUMENTS Experincia del centre: 3r Projecte Comnius 2008-10 Revive, Recycle, Renew (coord.) 2010-12 Footsteps for Peace 2012-14 Landmarks and Monuments Landmarks and Monuments Partners: ST. Michael's School for boys (Galway, Ireland) (coord.) Tieplatzschule (Bielefeld, Germany) 1o Primary School of Asvestohori (Thessaloniki, Greece) Scuola Media "U. Allegri" (Gambara, Italy) Escola Bsica dos Templrios (Tomar, Portugal) Storkyrkoskolan and Bjrngardsskolan (Stockholm, Swweden) Escola Les Accies (Barcelona, Espanya) </li> <li> 3 Desenvolupament del projecte LANDMARKS AND MONUMENTS Main Objective: Our project wishes to utilise these landmarks to engage the pupils in a cross-curricular project. We will explore landmarks and monuments that are present in the life of the pupil: Home/School/, Locality, National and Parliamentary. 4 Modules of work for 2 years (2+2) Mobilities: Total 24 (10 children + 14 teachers) Official visits and receptions </li> <li> 4 Resultats obtinguts LANDMARKS AND MONUMENTS Mark and Mona Final products: Calendar Database Students projects and presentations School activities (day trips, visits) </li> <li> 5 Proposta de continutat LANDMARKS AND MONUMENTS Comenius Conference in Vilnius (October 2012) Meaninful products for schools E-Twinning Projects LLP (Lifelong Learning Program) Lifelong experience and friendship </li> <li> RAQUEL HERNNDEZ TABERNER </li> </ul>