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Collaborative Work 6004A Collaborative Essay on Collaborative Writingor Changing Notions of AuthorshiporIs the Power in the text or in the Author?In the Form of A hosted series on my Blog exploring the idea with input from guest writersJessica JonesT: @LoJo2013Historical context of Ideas of AuthorshipSignificant Change during Romantic Era and WHY?Why do we still prize the individual over the collective?Significant change post Web 2.0Considering the influence and effects of: CultureCopywrightTechnology Plan for :Conceptual Introduction to Digital Arts and HumanitiesFor the Conceptual Introduction to Digital Humanities course, I would like to host a series of blog posts on my own blog the frictive diaries of a digital humanist on the subject of Collaborative Writing. Working titles are Changing Notions of Authorship or Is the Power in the Text or the Author.I would like to situate the discussion in the wider historical context of ideas of Authorship and how these have changed through Medieval times, the Romantic Era, to the present. Current thinking on the subject either holds to the Romantic notion of the author as a unique creative individual giving birth to ideas a solitary labour or sees the advent of Web 2.0 and its interactive possibilities as giving rise to a new (older) notion of authorship that dates to the Middle Ages. Having layed out the territory of the discussion, I would like to invite contributions on the topic by a number of others from different disciplines a journalist, a novelist, 1LEARNING OUTCOME FOR MABy the end of the MA I would like to have confident grasp of the technologies I need to operate in the area within which I finally situate myself, possibly pursue further research, and certainly have a growing network of possible collaborators.Ideal MA Thesis ProjectEach Cell Becomes a Small TheatreA Historical Survey of Changes in Socially Defined Body Language & Gesture, or The Socially Constructed Self: 1920 presentAhistorical survey into the changes in socially accepted, body language, gesture, and movement from 1920 to the presentOur increasingly mediated selfPresented as an interactive database Using *photography & film archives*texts ex: etiquette books*interviewsWe are in an ingenious cage of our own makingAm I subject or object?Hypothesis?Resources?Presentation?Use to others?