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<ul><li><p>What It Does</p><p>Our key challenge is always to make sure everybody on the </p><p>project team is working with the current set of documents.</p></li><li><p> Deliver your projects on time and within </p><p>budget.</p><p> Ensure your entire project team always </p><p>works from the latest set of Drawings</p><p> Automatically synchronise critical </p><p>documents between the SKYSITE cloud </p><p>and all your teams desktops and tablets.</p><p> Efficiently manage RFIs, photos, and </p><p>snagging lists.</p><p> One-click share your projects, folders, files, </p><p>drawings, photos, bid packages and more.</p><p> Easily markup drawings in the field and </p><p>share with your entire team in seconds.</p></li><li><p>The Right Tool for Your Project Team</p></li><li><p>Fast Collaboration Optimises Team Productivity</p><p>Increased TeamProductivity</p><p>On-Time ProjectCompletion</p><p>WithinBudget</p><p>HigherProfitability</p><p>Project delivery is directly linked to project document management &amp; distribution</p></li><li><p>Existing Condition Problem Solved!</p><p>Project Delivery &amp; Document Management / Distribution</p><p>Typical Challenge Business Impact </p><p>Project teams use multiple consumer </p><p>software tools to manage complex </p><p>document workflow processes</p><p>Creates wasteful redundancies across </p><p>functions and geographies, multiple file </p><p>formats, and a lack of consistency, </p><p>requiring continuous training and </p><p>cross-platform coordination</p><p>Deploys a single, construction industry-</p><p>specific solution that unifies workflow </p><p>processes and is learned and used </p><p>intuitively by team members in a mobile </p><p>capacity, ensuring consistency and </p><p>facilitating greater efficiency</p></li><li><p>S</p><p>Construction Workflow-Friendly </p><p>Effective Collaboration</p><p>Support &amp; Control </p><p>A Centralised Repository </p><p>Designed specifically to manage project documents </p><p>and construction project workflow</p><p>Ensure your team is working on the most current </p><p>set with mobile access from the office or jobsite from any</p><p>device</p><p>Gain secure, efficient administrative control along with </p><p>face-to-face support from ARC Service Centers</p><p>Create a single source of truth and quickly find the right </p><p>document to eliminate inaccuracies and uncertainty while </p><p>reducing litigation risks</p><p>Benefits of a Construction Grade Platform</p></li><li><p>Easy to Use. Easy to Learn.</p></li><li><p>How Easy Is It To Use SKYSITE?</p><p>Store</p><p>In under 2 minutes </p><p>you can set up a </p><p>project </p><p>Share</p><p>In 3 clicks you can </p><p>share a project with </p><p>your subcontractors </p><p>Distribute</p><p>In 5 clicks distribute </p><p>project documents to </p><p>all stakeholders</p><p>Sync</p><p>Auto real-time sync </p><p>between all devices for </p><p>current set</p></li><li><p>Who Uses It?</p></li><li><p>Who Uses SKYSITE?</p><p>Project Manager / Project Engineer</p><p> Designed for the management of construction </p><p>project documents through entire lifecycle</p><p> Mobile integration delivers changes in real-time</p><p> Easy to deploy on existing projects</p><p> Connectivity with existing project software</p><p>IT Personnel</p><p> Choose your support: phone, email, or local ARC offices</p><p> Strong security protocols &amp; governance</p><p> Open API &amp; widespread integration capacity</p><p> Mobile solution that is easily deployable on existing </p><p>hardware</p><p>Site Personnel</p><p> Easy to learn, easy to use</p><p> Mobile links to Project Office / HQ for real-time updates</p><p> Usable with most existing devices</p><p>Business Executives</p><p> Scalable both up and down</p><p> Cost-effective </p><p> Guarantees accuracy &amp; reduces project errors</p><p> Easy to deploy across the organisation</p><p> Readily adopted by project staff</p></li><li><p>Useful Features</p></li><li><p>SKYSITE Features</p><p>13</p><p>Automatic Sync Send updates to the desktops &amp; tablets of your team in real-time, simply by updating the document </p><p>RFI Administration Easily organise, track and respond to RFIs in real- time to speed up your project delivery </p><p>Photo Management Tag and organize your project photos &amp; link them to drawings, RFIs, and punch lists for faster searches </p><p>Snagging List Management Save hours, even days, at closeout with tracking of punch list progress and completion</p><p>Go Mobile Access the latest set or any document from from anywhere at anytime via any web browser </p><p>Made for Design and Build No matter how complex your project workflow, SKYSITE works the way you do </p><p>Powerful Search Quickly search through millions of documents, emails, and design specs to cut days off your projects </p><p>Unlimited Storage Unlike other construction apps, avoid added costs and upload ALL your documents in a single location </p></li><li><p>How We Ensure Your Success with SKYSITE</p><p>200+ local service centers</p><p>100 years of construction document management expertise</p><p>600+ U.S. local support staff</p><p>Forbes Best Run Company award winner</p><p>24/7 product support</p><p>Deployment and quick start training via web or on-site</p><p>1st industry-specific solution for management of project docs</p><p>15+ years of cloud development</p></li><li><p>Security and Control</p></li><li><p>SKYSITE Security Infrastructure</p><p>Security</p><p>Infrastructure</p><p> Amazon Web Services (AWS) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)</p><p> Logically isolated virtual network in AWS cloud</p><p> Leverages multiple AWS availability zones &amp; auto-scaling </p><p>of servers based on load optimization</p><p> Multiple IP address segments to isolate servers</p><p> Directs all traffic through encrypted SSL (HTTPS)</p><p>Security</p><p>Certificates</p><p> ISO 27001 certification</p><p> PCI DSS Level I certification</p><p> HIPAA compliance</p><p> SAS 70 (SOC 1) Type 2 Audit</p><p> Sarbanes-Oxley compliance</p><p> FISMA Moderate ATO certification</p><p> DIACAP MAC 3 Sensitive certification</p></li><li><p>Pricing</p></li><li><p>SKYSITE Pricing</p><p>Up to 5 Users 30 Day Free Trial</p><p>Number of Users on Account Monthly Fee</p><p>Up to 10 Users 175.00</p><p>Up to 60 Users 625.00</p><p>Up to 120 Users 900.00</p><p>As a contractor with </p><p>14 project-related staff</p><p>As a contractor with </p><p>37 project-related staff</p><p>As a contractor with </p><p>157 project-related staff</p><p> 0.70/day centralises your </p><p>project documents &amp; workflow</p><p> 0.53/day centralises your </p><p>project documents &amp; workflow</p><p> 0.41/day centralises your </p><p>project documents &amp; workflow</p><p>A SKYSITE solution also means:</p><p> Increases to project staff productivity of 30%*</p><p> Accelerated document sharing by 50%*</p><p> Improved search &amp; document retrieval by 70%*</p><p>* AIA Study; 2014</p><p>Up to 20 Users 275.00</p><p>Up to 30 Users 375.00</p><p>Unlimited Users Call for a Quote</p><p>Project Set-up/Training (one-off fee) 500.00</p><p>RapidStart Program:</p><p> Training for your Team and all Project Partners</p><p> Comprehensive 24/7 Technical Support</p><p> Initial Document Upload to make next project easy</p><p> Migration Support transfer from existing folder structure</p></li><li><p>w w w . S K Y S I T E . c o m </p><p>T +44(0)20 7582 9000 E</p></li></ul>