Prueba de Ingles Unidad 5

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SURPRISE 5SURPRISE 5UNIT 51.- a) Write the months of the year in English. Then, number them in the correct chronological order.b) Write the four seasons (=estaciones) of the year________________ _________________ ________________ _________________ 2.- Complete the sentences:1. My birthday is in _____________. (month)2. My favourite month is ______________, in ______________. (month and season)3. The first month of the year is ______________, in ______________. (month and season)4. Christmas is in ___________________. (month and season)5. I go to the beach in ___________________ (season).6. The 6th month of the year is _____________. (month and season)7. The 10th month of the year is ______________, in ______________. (month and season)8. The 1st day of school is in _______________. (month)EXERCISE 3.- Chose the correct form of the verb to be in present simple (affirmative, negative or question)You in the jungle. They ____ in Rome. My name_________ Peter (not).Mary ____ a secretary.Marc and Lisa ____ at school.(not)I ____ a student.The girls ____ in the garden.__________ a pilot? (he)Sandra_____ a housewife.She ________a student. (not)___________a student? (You)They my parents.You my friends.We_______ten years old.She _______in Thailand. (not)He is safe.I in London.My favourite toy a football.My favourite hobbies ______ swimming and cycling.EXERCISE 4 Translate the words Beach Island Jungle Lake Mountains Ocean River Waterfall favourite food favourite toys favourite hobby very frightened on holiday waves tsunami clever doll scooter teddy bear walk sail canoe EXERCISE 5 Put the words in the correct order to make sentences with the verb to be.1.- was 6 , When my was food favourite pasta I 2.- my hobby Now , skateboarding favourite is3.- a bear doll toys a and My were teddy favourite4.- drinks juice orange favourite and My milk areEXERCISE 6 (PAST) Choose the correct form of the verb to be was/ were (affirmative, negative or question)You ________ in the jungle.They ________ my parents.(not)You ________ my friends.We ________ ten years old.______________ in Thailand? (She) He ________ safe.I ________ in London. (not)My favourite toy ________ a football.What ________________________________ ? (your favourite hobbies) EXERCISE 7. Answer these questions.1. What was your favourite food when you were six?2. What was your favourite toy when you were six?3. What was your favourite tv programme when you were six?4. What is your favourite food now?5. What is your favourite toy now?6. What is your favourite tv programme now?SHORT ANSWERSa) Were you tall when you were three?b) Was your father 40 when you were four?c) Were you at this school when you were four?d) Was your mother In London yesterday?EXERCISE 8: Look and write the names of the places.EXERCISE 9: Where are the children? Write sentences, saying where the children are.Hannah is Rob Kelly and TomSam and SallyEXERCISE 10: Where were the children? Write sentences in the past.Hannah wasRobKelly and NickSam and RachelEXERCISE 11 Describe these people (hair, eyes,,,). Use two adjectives.EXERCISE 12. What are they wearing?EXERCISE 13 Match these questions and answers:a) Where do you go on holiday?b) What can you do there?c) Whats your favourite sport?d) Do you like ice-cream?e) Can you play hockey?f) Are you wearing a dress?g) Have you got long hair?h) Does your mother like peas?a) No, she doesnt.b) Its tennis.c) Yes, I do.d) No, I cante) I go to the mountains.f) No, Im not.g) I can walk and swim in the lake.h) No, I havent.EXERCISE 14 Translate into English.a) No seas maleducado. S educado con la gente. b) Me gusta el brcol pero odio las hamburguesas. c) Yo era baja pero ahora soy muy alta. EXERCISE 15 Make sentences saying what illnesses they have got.1. David2. Anna has got a sore throat. (= dolor de garganta)PHOTOCOPIABLE