Cercocladospora adinicola (Kar & Mandal) Mulder comb.nov

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    J. L. MULDERCommonwealth Mycological Institute, Kew, Surrey

    Argwal & Singh (1972) validly published the newgeneric name Cercocladospora in accordance withthe Articles of the International Botanical Code ofNomenclature. C. adinae was designated as thetype species. Unfortunately the authors failed tosupply a Latin diagnosis for the type species, thuscontravening Article 36 of the Code, and makingthe name invalid. Details of the type specimenhave also been incorrectly given although the IMInumber is correct. The correct details are givenbelow. Kar & MandaI (1974), unaware of thespecies described by Agarwal & Singh, validly de-scribed Cercospora adinicola (Type: IMI 138320).I have examined both these specimens and con-clude that they belong to the same species. Theepithet 'adinae' however has to be replaced by'adinicola', the former being invalidly published.

    Cercoc1adospora adinicola (Kar & MandaI)Mulder comb.nov.

    Cercospora adinicola Kar & MandaI, IndianPhytopath. 26(4), 676, 1973 (1974).

    Cercocladospora adinae Agarwal & Singh, Proc.natn. Acad. Sci. India B, 42(4), 439 (1972).

    Specimens examined: on Adina cordifolia, Iabalpur,India, comm. 6 April 1970, Miss D. Kulhara, S10,IMI 148087,holotype of C. adinae;on Adina cordi/olia,Daspur, India, 10 Dec. 1968,M. Mandai, IMI 138320,holotype of C. adinicola.

    REFERENCESAGARWAL, G. P. & SINGH, S. M. (1972).An interesting

    new Hyphomycete. Proceedings of the NationalAcademy of Sciences of India B, 42, 436-439.

    KAR, A. K. & MANDAL, M. (1974).New Cercospora spp,from West Bengal. III. Indian Phytopathology 26,674-680.


    A. SIVANESANCommonwealth Mycological Institute, Kew, Surrey

    PHYLLACHORA CINNAMOMI Hansf., Sydowia 11 :671957 (1958).

    Phyllachora cinnamomi Sivanesan, Trans. Br.mycol. Soc. 64, 9 (1975).

    Sivanesan (1975 a) described Phyllachora cinna-momi which is now found to be a synonym and alater homonym of Phyllachora cinnamomi Hans-ford (1958). Therefore Hansford's earlier nametakes priority in use over the later published name(Art. 64, International Code of Botanical Nomen-clature, 1972).

    Trematosphaeria bermudiana nom.nov.Trematosphaeria fusispora Sivanesan, Trans. Br.

    mycol. Soc. 65,26 (1975), nonTrematosphaeria fusispora Rick, Broteria 2

    (XXIX), 178 (1933).A new name is proposed for Trematosphaeria

    fusispora Sivanesan (1975b) which is a laterhomonym of Trematosphaeriafusispora Rick (1933).

    I am grateful to Dr P. H. B. Talbot of theWaite Agricultural Research Institute, Adelaide,South Australia for the loan of Hansford's holo-type material of Phyllachora cinnamomi.

    REFERENCESHANSFORD, C. G. (1958).Tropical fungi. VIII. Sydouna

    11,44-69RICK, J. (1933). Monographia Sphaerialium astro-

    maticorum Riograndensium, Broteria serie trimestralcitnciasnaturais 2 (XXIX), 169-201.

    SIVANESAN, A. (1975a). A new Phyllachora hyper-parasitized by a new Annajenkinsia. Transactions ofthe British Mycological Sotiety 64, 9-14.

    SIVANESAN, A. (1975b). New ascomycetes and somerevisions. Transactions of the British MycologicalSociety 65, 19-27.

    Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 67 (1), (1976). Printed in Great Britain


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