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English Curriculum 2015


<ul><li><p>2015 Alejandro Martn Barreiro </p><p> Alejandro Martn Barreiro </p><p> Architecture and Urbanism </p><p> Issu PFC </p><p> Linkedin </p><p> +34 622082263 / + 49 (0)157 39073930 CV German </p><p> CV Spanish </p><p> Portfolio </p><p>/ Profile - Skills </p><p>I consider myself a very motivated, dedicated and hard-working </p><p>person. Due to my interest, curiosity and willingness to learn I get </p><p>involve in everything I do with high enthusiasm and implication. I try </p><p>to transmit positive energy to my colleagues. I always established </p><p>ambitious objectives to reach the best of me in every moment. </p><p>/ Honors and Awards / Professional experience </p><p> University Architect at ACCIONA Eco-Efficiency - 09/2015 - Now </p><p>European R&amp;D Project development as Project Manager: </p><p> OptEEmAL - Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform. IPD Design REMOURBAN - REgeneration MOdel for accelerating the smart URBAN transformation </p><p>Employer at HJPplaner Urbanism &amp; Architecture - 08/2012 - 02/2015 </p><p>Urban planning, Architecture, Workshops, Competitions, </p><p>Construction, Cost control, 3D &amp; Graphic design, Presentation... </p><p> Aachen, Dren, Olpe &amp; Viersen Cities Masterplan Kln-Bonn New Campus University Bedburg, Giessen, Opladen &amp; Richterich Train and Bus Stations 8 Housing and 3 Office buildings, with Supermarket and Parking </p><p>Architecture practices at Angel Luna Sancho - 06/2011 - 09/2011 </p><p> 1st Architecture Schindler Competition 2011 </p><p>UAH - Residence for students </p><p> 3rd Architecture Schindler Competition 2012 </p><p>UPM - Skyscraper in Madrid </p><p> HM Architecture Schindler Competition 2012 </p><p>UAH - Growing residential in Kelbergen </p><p> HJPplaner </p><p> 1st ZOB Gladbeck 2014 </p><p>Bus and Train station with city square </p><p> 2nd Kamp-Lintfort 2014 </p><p>New city hall zone with public library </p><p> HM Mainz Rathaus 2015 </p><p>City hall square renovation </p><p> / Software skills / Academic achievements </p><p>2D/3D Autodesk AutoCAD </p><p>Universidad de Alcal (ETSAG)- 2008 - 2015 _ Master Thesis - 9/10 </p><p>Bachelor &amp; Master's Degree, Architecture and Urban planning </p><p>RWTH Aachen University- 2012 - 2014 </p><p>ERASMUS - Master's Degree, Architecture and Urban planning </p><p>UNED BSc. Business Administration and Management - 2015 - Now </p><p>Microstation </p><p>BIM </p><p>Allplan Nemetschek </p><p>Autodesk Revit </p><p>ArchiCAD </p><p>RENDER </p><p>3D Studio Max - Vray </p><p>Cinema 4D </p><p>SketchUp Pro / Languages </p><p>Rhinoceros - Grasshopper </p><p>VIDEO Adobe Premiere Pro </p><p> ENGLISH B2-C1 (Professional proficiency) </p><p> Adobe After Effects </p><p> GERMAN B2-C1 (Professional proficiency) </p><p>LAYOUT </p><p>Adobe Photoshop CHINESSE A2 (Limited proficiency) </p><p>Adobe InDesign </p><p>FRENCH A1-A2 (Limited proficiency) </p><p>Adobe Illustrator CATALAN (Practising and learning) </p><p>WEB </p><p>Adobe Dreamweaver </p><p>SPANISH (Native or bilingual proficiency) </p><p>HTLM, CSS (Web) </p><p>Orca (Costs calculations) / Hobbies </p><p> OTHERS </p><p>Microsoft Project </p><p> Microsoft Office Travel, culture, swimming, cycling, photography, reading, cinema </p></li></ul>